What the heck is pansexuality (and is it even a thing)?
Franki Cookney

Nice to read about the Bi v pan war without weaponized phrases embedded. When I joined bisexual community back in the '90’s there weren’t spaces for nonbinary & gender nonconforming people, but Bi spaces were welcoming to all. It’s not this way today. I still identify as bisexual mainly because I see it as an umbrella term. But inside Bi spaces there isn’t much welcoming to enby & GNC people, especially assigned male ones. Even though many bisexual activists rail at the idea that most Bi people are binary attracted, at the grass roots that is the case. On the other hand, I find many who identify as pansexual to be very passive aggressive over labels. It is not fun to be called transphobic for identifying as bisexual when also trans*. And this happens a lot.