O’Neill Library: A Fixture in the Lives of Boston College Students

The Thomas P. O’Neill Library, named after Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, has become a staple of the Boston College campus and the lives of Boston College’s students since 1984. Tip O’Neill was one of Boston College’s most famous alumni, serving as the Speaker of the House of Representatives and member of the house for 34 years.

The library, which holds over 2.2 million volumes of Boston College’s research collections, is a part of almost every student of Boston College’s daily life. Whether it be simply walking through the building to get across campus, or posting up in a cubicle of the fifth floor to pull an all-nighter to finish a research paper due yesterday, O’Neill Library has affected thousands of Boston College students’ lives. The following pictures are here to give an idea of the O’Neill Library.

Students walking across O’Neill Plaza to O’Neill Library
“Tip” O’Neill’s Name Adorns the Entrance to the Library
Students Study on the Fifth Floor of O’Neill
Students Studying between the Shelves on O’Neill Four
View of Downtown from O’Neill 4 (Prudential Building on the Right)
BC Students Using the Printer’s on O’Neill 3
BC Students Fill the Cubicles on O’Neill 4
Students Focused on there Studies on O’Neill 3
Students Walk Past the “Tip” O’Neill Exhibit on O’Neill 2
Student Releasing Stress through Slumber O’Neill 3
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