The Starbucks Distraction

I remember when half the country was going crazy with Bushisms and his weapons of mass destruction. “Impeach!” “Impeach!” everyone was yelling!! A few years past and people got new fancy cell phones and drank about 100000 Starbucks and now at the Trump inauguration both sides are posting how funny and cute Bush is with his poncho over his head. The media will make you forget everything and point your attention wherever they need it. They control the everything you see. But unlike many people, I don’t have a fancy phone and I make my own coffee so I remember what was on the media’s menu 10 years ago. I remember the direction they were trying to direct me but I didn’t follow. Because my awareness level is higher than the media. So next time you see all the networks covering the same issues over and over again and pushing how evil someone is down your throat, stop for a minute and ask yourself, how can this amazing and prosperous country allow so many to believe the opposite of what I believe. The fact it, this country didn’t do this. The 2 party system was build to create the illusion that we have a choice. We don’t. Below are some numbers to prove how they control the numbers so they remain somewhat even during certain times and drop or rise when it’s needed. Funny part is, depending on who reports these numbers they change but not by much.

Presidential Job Approval

Ronald Reagan Average 52.8%

George H.W. Bush Average 60.9%

Bill Clinton Average 55.1%

George W. Bush Average 49%

Obama Average 51%

Trump coming into office average was 45%

All these men had approval rating below 30% and over 70% at one time. The man with the tarp over his head had an approval rating of 90% right after Sept 11. That’s like the whole country!!!! Thank you for your time. JHS