Could Men And Women Be Friends? Maybe, If She Doesn’t Have A Big Ass

Don’t you ever get tired of the men and women complain all the time on social network about friendship issues. It’s really not that complicated as people make it and a full-length book doesn’t even have to be written. So, the question is can guys and girls just be friends? Well, yes and no and with these several examples I go through, hopefully you will get a better understanding.

Listen, no matter how much you think you can be friends with someone who is good looking it never works out. All you will be thinking about is starting up a relationship and the friendship goes out the window. There are very rare chances that sexual tensions are not involved and that can be due to height, weight, age or if both are homosexual.

Nah shawty it’s just a friend photo

Now don’t even lie gentlemen, if a girl got a Kim Kardashian ass we both know there is know way in hell you can be just friends. The only thing you’re going to think about is fucking her doggy style with you’re TRIPLE A battery dick and then you’re going to go on twitter and write a subliminal tweet like a corny Drake song when your plan fails. Just face it YOU CAN’T BE FRIENDS!

At the end of the day I guess we have to fake it or just tell them how we feel.

Women, let’s be honest most guys don’t want to be your friend. Most are just using you like debt and calling you up every month because their girlfriend dumped them and they need some one to Netflix and chill with for two minutes.

I just dropped a couple of machismo levels

So let me ask you, are you really just friends with the opposite sex or you stuck in a position to where you don’t know what to label it?

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