How To Be A Man, In The Age Of Mass Delusion

It’s no secret men are slowly losing their self-esteem. Machismo and aura levels are at an all time low. We all lose are selves at some point of time or maybe never had confidence. If there is one thing for sure we cannot give up. Bitch ass suckas looking up to bitch ass sucks, lucky for you I represent the old school aura of men.

Let’s just say for most of my life I’ve been considered the underdog. I was never the cool guy that people got excited to see, nor cared to be around. I never had a girlfriend throughout my High School career. Even though threw this all I never let this phase me because I always knew one thing, time is my essence. I’m going to give you nine steps to stop being corny and elevate your self to a higher learning and break all barriers. I’m just the guy to lead a crew, that means I’m one of the true people who believe in you and tell you how to hold it down and never mislead you.


Here is the first rule; never think you are below someone. Most dudes in the 21st century are corny as hell and have convinced people that they are badass. Once you realize that you are your own king you will not acknowledge jabronies anymore. I know once I realized that no man was better than me and my machismo levels skyrocketed, I showed none of these bums respect anymore.


The second rule; you can’t just walk acting bold, you have to earn respect to brag and boast. I only lead the way because y’all lost the path. All my real friends know that I back up everything I say, even when I’m not saying shit. If not, people like me will walk right though you and call you out on your phoniness.


Rule number three; do something you are a nervous about doing. This is pretty self explanatory, but it is a must. There are to many people that are scarred to get out of there comfort zone, do not get comfortable ever. Taking advice from people is a must as well if you want to improve yourself, I didn’t start making a lot of money from home without working a 9 to 5 job without my mentors and books. Learn from your mistakes and move on.


Rule number four; just talk to women. I’ve always been a good looking dude even though I dressed horribly In High School, but I never really took the chance with a girl until college. The point is just talk to as many girls as possible, yes you will get rejected a lot, but then again there will be at least one who will give you the time and day. I have a much longer opinion about this on my next article, so for now I will leave it like that, and for FUCK SAKE, DO NOT ASK A GIRL ‘’hey ma, you suck dick?’’


Rule number five; remove friends that are no good In your life. Before I got involved with option stocks and online reselling, I was hanging out with people that did none of those things. I kept doing the same thing over and over. For me to continue to do what I do, I have to surround myself with like-minded people. It’s been a long road and I’m still traveling, so fuck messing around just managing life Is challenging, I have moves to make and so do you.


Rule number six; always listen to others thoughts. Even though I don’t agree with all my friends opinions, I still respect them and all their opinions and have no problem taking on healthy debates. There is no reason to be an obnoxious asshole and make a big scene out of a little thing.


Rule number seven; never stop learning! As long as you’re alive you should be an avid learner. Once you stop your self-education you will be prisoner of the mind. People will walk through you and manipulate you in ways that can affect you psychological and financial. In this day and age this is crucial and vital important. Remember, slavery was abolished unless you are in prison and if you think not read the thirteenth amendment.


Rule number eight; don’t be afraid to speak the truth. While I said respect people opinions that doesn’t mean everything shouldn’t be called out. Modern day tolerance of bullshit is mind blowing to me. Whether music, politics or whatever else someone is preaching their politically correct opinion about one is expected to exhibit tolerance and “respect” everyone’s stance on everything. Tolerance caused the holocaust so be careful what you keep your mouth shut about.


The time is now.

No, you are not a swag fag jabronie.

No, no you’re not a rave lalapalooza YMCMB whatever you call it jamoke.

You are a man, and no matter what happens in life, I don’t care how sad you are you lift your ass up, each one teach one. Be about your buisness and be productive. We cant get anywhere just sitting on the couch 24/7. Use your brain, control your own destiny, don’t let these snakes fool you. Theres no get rich quick scheme in life and thats what they will never tell you. Walk like a warrior.

Thanks for reading, this takes lots of time and researching on peoples everyday corniness, so I appreciate the views. I hope you don’t mind a few more stories, I swear I tell them with love. Gone.

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