No More Parties In NRH: Pull Out Games 2012-Present

Note: This is for the people that live around me, anybody who just came to peak will have no idea what I’m talking about and I apologize in advance.

Shout out to my boy Andrew for not giving me permission to use his photo :P

Oh shit! Thanks for reading.

Now some of you are probably wondering what the fuck does NRH means, well It’s North Richland Hills, you know the city that’s known for

  • Valero drug dealers at 2am
  • Rufe Snow RaceTrac
  • The depressed Sonic girls
  • Hunter Mcknight

Listen, we all know men’s pull out games are wack as hell these days, that’s no secret. The point is why does it have to be North Richland Hills. Every time I’m on social networking kids are popping up everywhere what is going on. I know wearing a bag sucks, but if your pull game is weaker than Antonio Cromartie you have no choice. We should aim better and strive for better pull out games than Haltom, Birdville and all of the DFW areas. Lets make North Richland Hills great again!

Now if there is one person who is to blame that put this to my attention it is my boy Philip Guana. THIS NIGGAS pull out game is weaker than

  • John & Kate Plus 8
  • Shaq free throws
  • Meek Mill diss tracks
  • Jake Hart chin
  • Jim Bob Duggar
  • Forrest Whitakers left eye
  • Erectile dysfunction
Philip Guana is

Obviously Philip isn’t the only one, there’s a lot more that I let slide, but everyone loves picking on Philip. Lets start getting smarter men, wear a condom! If you can’t afford one then take out a Wal-Mart bag under the cabinet and use that. You men and women are embarrassing my city, you niggas get yalls wee wees in order. Please no more Antonio Cromartie pull out games.

Thanks for reading. Leave all the kind appreciation, women and booze with me. Leave all hate to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife and husband.