2 weeks ago I wrote a post about shutting down the original beta.codex-viewer.com and redeploying our contracts & services at ropsten.codex-viewer.com and rinkeby.codex-viewer.com.

I’m happy to announce that this process is complete, but more importantly that these 2 environments showcase the technology that we’ve been working on for the past few months: email login & OAuth2 API access.

Some background on why this is important

One of the most common complaints we’ve had about Codex Viewer (and by extension, Ethereum dApps in general) is how hard it is to use. …

Codex Viewer Beta will be shutting down on October 15th in favor of our Rinkeby Testnet environment.

Several months ago, we launched the Codex Viewer Beta on the Rinkeby Testnet. The beta was designed to get early feedback on the viewer itself, but more importantly help uncover any issues with our smart contracts.

Since then, our smart contracts have gone through a lot of changes. They’ve had a full security audit from Hosho, we’ve held an open bug bounty, and finally the resulting contracts have been deployed to Mainnet. …

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After receiving great feedback for the Testnet beta through our Codex Quests, Earndrops, and Bug Bounty programs, and with a security audit of our smart contracts complete, we’re thrilled to announce that we will launch The Codex Viewer to Mainnet live on the main Ethereum network by midnight (CST) on July 23rd, 2018.

[Update, July 23rd, 2018 — MAINNET IS LIVE!]


  • 500 editions of Sebastian’s latest digital piece titled “New Beginning” are up for grabs. The first edition has been made public here: https://codex-viewer.com/#/record/0
  • Fees & staking are turned off for now until tokens are distributed. Only pay gas costs in ETH for now.
  • The text is MetaMask specific, but everything works in other wallets such as Toshi. We’ll be updating the language soon to reflect that. …


John Forrest

CTO & Co-founder at Codex Protocol. Previously at MSFT.

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