DatSyn Helps Activists To Win The #InfoWars

The world is an ever-changing one, with each day passing bringing more and more news about global instability, political failure, troubles in the economy, environmental damages, human rights violations — and an ever growing list of new issues. In a world that is ever-changing, how can one even hope to make a dent?

Through the Internet. The Internet gives over two billion people on this planet access to a massive, global communication network — one of such a scale that it is difficult to imagine the scope of it all. Making your message and sending it is only half the job, however — the other half is making sure it gets heard.

That is where DatSyn steps in. We care deeply about activism — we believe in change, in public disruption, and in standing up and pointing out the wrongs in society. That is why we support activists where ever we can, providing them with a channel with which they can send their message out to thousands of people world-wide, possibly even getting their story on front pages everywhere. With a free professional video to go along with your message, we make sure you are not just read, but heard and seen as well.

From organized rallies and marches, to single causes and crowdfunding campaigns — from small issues, to big ones — from helping a family, to exposing an entire ring of crimes; whether your message is in the form of political activism, whistleblowing, or a local injustice, no cause is too small or too great for us to help you broadcast. You do not need to be massively famous or wealthy to get heard — and you do not need to wait for the possibility of going viral. DatSyn just needs your content — and the rest is our job.

Over the holidays, DatSyn is offering a 50% money back promotion — meaning with an annual membership, you can get yourself access to unlimited amounts of syndication — including unlimited PR and article publishing, and unlimited video generation — for $12.50 a month. This means an unlimited amount of your content gets syndicated to news channels everywhere, and on our own YouTube page for an entire month.

The world is ever-changing — and it needs your message to contribute to that change, to steer it in the right direction, away from the meaningless bloodshed and inequality, to a better future crafted by all of us one issue and cause at a time.

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