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As regards subjectivity consisting of ‘utterly private maps’, I think that idea has only limited value. Obviously I have no idea whatsoever what you are doing as I type this response, but we are both composed of what are, in medical terms at least, the same highly complex biological organs. Two cars rolling off an assembly line are obviously not the same car, but in terms of how they look and perform, plus the function they are designed to fulfill, they might as well be. Arguably, shared human traits have consistently been played down by one culture after another for thousands of years within the sort of divide-and-conquer stratagem for gaining power. We live at the end of a long process of cultural stupefaction. There is perhaps truth in an idea that none of us want much more than life’s essentials plus a feeling of reasonable security mingled with a naturally stimulating sense of adventure. But all of those things are actually missing or under threat in today’s world. Crap is served as food, within a world that is simultaneously frightening and boring — all dressed up as ‘human progress’.

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