Ha, ha…I thought I did.
Amber Lisa

So 300 million men over women is, (according to your math) what the number should look like? (I take your word for it, I hate math.)

Ah well, you shouldn’t. I screwed up on my sums. The percentage difference should only be about 2.5% — not 5% as I originally and mistakenly stated. But even if it was plus or minus 20% it is still incredibly hard (impossible?) to go from numbers to causal explanations — especially with complex matters like global populations.

People have very thin skin about all sorts of things- and are not backing down…on anything. Don’t take it personally. It’s the times…crazy times!

The problem is that I see this stuff as sociologically educational. I mean, forget taking a side — the fact that society is so thoroughly split and unable to converse with itself is a phenomenon in itself. The trouble is you can’t discuss that thing without people just assuming you’re on one side or another. Tell your son he has my sympathies…

People everywhere, and especially young women, are angry; and rightfully so.

Swap the word rightfully for understandably and I’ll agree. The anger isn’t doing anyone any favors in any case. If people continue to support the system — and that includes those who voted for Clinton — they are dumb to complain when the system screws them over. Instead, people should ask why the system (the media in particular) ignores the largest single majority — the 46% who boycotted the election. Where are their voices being heard?

Even though many voted for Trump, I feel so bad for these people. I think they really thought he was going to help them.

He’s the most consummate hypocritical liar out there — and that’s why he won.

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