Einstein, Tesla, Jesus and the Particle Wave Duality
Amber Lisa

Amber… where to start?

This article appeals to me on various grounds, but troubles me on others. I’m neither red nor violet about it.

The argument you make, quoting some guy called Einstein, that all is energy, has a speculative psychological/spiritual ring to it — but I think this Einstein dude is maybe leading us astray. Was he not the guy that came up with that E=mc2 thingy? I mean, if he fancies himself as a scientist and he thinks everything is energy, what is that ‘m’ bit doing in there? I’ll correct him: E = E. Doubt he’d argue. But I still think he is wrong anyway. Lots of people sure do wish they were all energy, but when they look in the mirror its all mass.

More seriously, that vibration thing is mentioned by Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda’s books, and I always saw it as something metaphorical — until fairly recent when I have felt it in me. Weird. It’s not a shaking or nervous thing, but a sort of very real and not unpleasant vibration — typically just after I turn in at night. I don’t know what it could be by any conventional ideas. Anyone else ever had that? It sort of feels centered around the neck.

The presentation of that Hicks spectacle makes me wary. Anytime I see auditoriums full of people paying for some life-changing miracle I’m inclined to believe that any real benefits are likely a mix of people’s determination to do anything to sort their lives and a bit of placebo effect. It is my experience that those of sincere intentions do not run on commercial rails. I’m no Christian, but even Jesus was not in it for the money.

Having said that the video clip was good advice inasmuch as it debunked the crap we are fed through Hollywood — that is, that Mr/Ms Make-Me-Complete is all that we need in order to retire into happy-ever-after. Other people can be an important part of life, but having expectations of them is setting yourself up for problems - whereas expecting nothing can make the slightest kindness quite magical.

…. John Hopkins describes himself as being born into [a positive energy field].

Eh… I’m not sure I’d put it that way. I also often felt seriously shitty up until maybe the last 15 years. Curiously, I think my problem was similar to what I described above — not being prepared for life’s uglier sides. I think many in the West are in similar situations today: they have been told by the media and their education that life is other than it is. So, I’m off topic here, but I think it is worth mentioning that a lot of bad vibes result from a sort of dishonesty that is endemic in modern culture. For example, every last advert you see promotes the idea that you can have a wonderful life if you will only buy product or service X — but the reality is that the consumer society is spiritually empty, and just playing the game reduces us to affluent-looking wage slaves.

I did a lot of good work there! And I loved it! It was like the best work I have ever done in my life.

Good luck with that venture. It is acceptably selfish to help others — it takes us out of our narrow selves. Win/win stuff.

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