You ask “If the USA is actually looking good in terms of cutting its ‘official’ CO2 figures, why…
Al Black

‘American wealth’ is he fruit of imperialism and war profiteering. A much hidden truth is that the ‘fall’ of both Iraq and Libya came on the back of their respective leaders trying to exit the petrodollar — that is, decide that they would sell their oil as suited them instead of according to the diktats of the USA. Look at how they were crushed. Illegally.

So I suggest you start talking turkey here. You either believe in American exceptionalism — and please come out and say it if that is where you are at — or you accept that a more equitable and clean world is impossible without ending the USA’s global hegemony. As regards Europe being just as guilty, this is largely correct, given Europe is close to a bunch of vassal states of the USA.

The Global Warming, Climate Change Action crowd are responsible for the greatest increase in air pollution in the history of the world.

This statement is not justified by anything else you have said. At least, I cannot see any logic to substantiate it. How would that work? What are you saying? That those who say climate change is real are actually advocating for dirty energy and that national leaders and corporates are listening to them? I don’t think so.

You are still thinking in terms of national statistics. Sure — if you are the only superpower left in the world and sustain that position with a military that costs more than the combined military spend of several of the next in line nations, it is easy to self-righteously mock overseas nations for their pollution records whilst your corporates demand the lowest possible manufacturing costs available anywhere on the planet. The hypocrisy is stunning.

If Trump or the USA’s administration gave a shit about pollution, all they would have to do would be to insist that manufacturing for USA corporates conformed to some reasonable standard of environmental protection. Given their massive global dominance, it would be very easy for them to insist that other nations and their corporates conformed. But with Wall Street pulling the strings, what we see instead is a lot of hot air about the Paris deal which any fool knows never was anything but hot air in the first place.

Alternatively, for anyone who is taken in by the BS, why not just open up clean factories in the USA and make all those goodies at home? New jobs, clean world — what’s the problem? Now figure out why this is not happening in the slightest.

If you risk understanding how the world really works, go check how much of your stuff is ‘Made in China’ and rethink that wording as ‘Bought and Used by the West in Willful Ignorance and Indifference’.

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