I am a Woman. I am a Trans Woman. I Matter.
Ashley J Cooper

As someone pretty well on the outside of all this, my only comment is that minorities always have it tough. It does not matter if you are of a minority religion, race, or maybe just the only one not drinking when everyone else is getting sozzled: if you are the odd-one-out, expect to be ostracized.

This is not about saying that is right, wrong, good or bad; it is about knowing how groups behave. And I am not sure that any amount of protest or SJW argumentation is going to change that — rejecting whoever is not like the rest can be seen in other species too.

At some point people need to drop their wonderful utopian dreams of how the world ‘should’ be, and start living in the world as it is. This is not advocating for complacency or resignation; it is warning you that you can burn yourself out trying to get blood from a stone. Worse: people turn against you for blaming your challenges on how they deal with their challenges.

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