I feel exactly the same way about the last paragraph, but in reverse, ja.

I’m not saying we have to censor everybody, cause, who can decide?

As soon as it is accepted that someone — anyone — can censor the speech of another you have created the opportunity for authoritarian control over what is said. That can lead to state oppression and even dictatorship.

The alternative feels scary because people can advocate for all sorts of nonsensical oppression as you point out. But think about. These are two sides of the same coin. If you say some people should be not be allowed to speak, you have to advocate for an authority that will keep them quiet, and that authority can then decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t — and so it becomes the very thing you wanted to avoid in the first place.

Unless you trust that some basic human sanity will prevail, there is no way out of any of this. I think you have to accept that freedom of speech is exactly that: people are free to advocate for fascism or oppression of minorities or whatever.

What we need to go along with that is a culture that openly tells us that all sorts of idiots might be advocating all sorts of rubbish and so people need to think long and hard about what they support. Right now we do not have that. We have education systems that teach children that adults are basically good people and that obedience to laws and the government is the right way to act. We are denying children the truth — or lying to them, to be more honest.

Some of the worst moral criminals are those who hold powerful government offices. This is the problem. We are brought up to believe in Santa Claus when it would maybe be kinder to forget about such crap and warn children that the real world in which they live is controlled by a lot of not very nice people who are not worthy of power at all.

But current education systems do not really teach kids to think critically — they just teach them to obey. That’s what all the nutcases in power want. If the kids — who obviously grow into adults — could think better and more critically, it would not matter what evils idiots advocated for through free speech because no one would take them seriously

Forgive me my mansplaining, as I forgive those who splain against me…


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