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Been fun wasting my time while you wasted yours — what else is it for?

Let me close with this piece I once found on FB. Worryingly, I think the guy was being serious. You might not want to read it all :)

rationally accountable reality resides divided between the significance of two essential dimensions. 
it might be downright incitement but beside philosophically investing introspective into proclamation unto explain that the enchantingly fanciful and abstract fabric of pure fantasy can be of a more influentially significant, even be of a more fundamentally indispensable importance to humanity in comparison to anything ever invented by the unfathomable capacity of reality itself.
virtue is exemplary in movement upon navigating the true inclination of justice, only illustrated upon a primal format. it’s requirement inspired and conventional, and in turn preserving the equal alignment and defining of two opposing sides of service, significantly those of price and procurement. yet, discernibly alluring is learning that the most virtuous purpose in life that one could ever strive to fulfil, requires the price of incurring the worst consequential eventuality that one could ever be irreversibly burdened by.
purpose is the paradigm of paradoxical severity, united but violently rigid in rivalry, and the brighter, and more active is it’s half of prosperity, the darker and more frightfully scarring is it’s shadow.
being of genuine best and purposeful intentions, and of an exemplary enterprise is by far mistaken as being a lighthearted and all-inviting unremarkable venture. it is within a compendious sense of sentimentally slaughterous abhorrence, and it is at great distance a fatefully impending eventuality when upon it’s most compassionate and charitable extent.
virtue also, is a very dark reality when it’s of it’s most rewarding, useful and contributing degree.
do not be deceived, in life there is only one essential way to be, and only one way to be upon directly, abiding justice.
there may be many causes in life, and many providing services of serving cause, but still, there is only one way in which we must all serve rightfully. one cause that is of the greatest practicality to us, regarding our reassembly of their awareness.
we must fulfil the opportunity to become flawless in complete formation all beside order, and of the highest competence in reimbursement to those that deserve our serviceable certainty.
one must become to know of what is of the highest relevance of humanity. and thereafter, to know unhesitatingly of what is sequentially aligned as next in terrestrial relevance whilst dividing accurately one’s service into daily inauguration covering the extent of one’s established awareness and capability. 
one’s service is one’s time. one no longer owns life, for one is justifiably undeserving of it. there are many of whom deserve unreservedly further than one’s self. 
one’s life must be expended beside being divided upon equalling the most significantly necessary importance of humankind, and seeing within unrivalled resolution and complete transparency one’s predetermined direction.
before one can ever become capable of entering into any of life’s impending purposes ahead, of what one must adhere to prove first, is to attempt invariably securing the entire strength of their awareness into being immovably obdurate within knowing the crystalline purity of one’s present influentially significant understanding over what is of the greatest cause overall deserving of one’s thoughts. one must endeavour to equate this cause beside a very adept accuracy, otherwise beginning from one’s centrally positioned assignments, one will be corrupted by misalignment and misguidance. and one can survive within virtue whilst somewhat misguided, but one is not incontestably and unexceptionally justified regarding the interpreted truth of their visualisation, and when unjustified within one’s insight, one could not possibly claim to recognise true purity within a cause. and one simply must unavoidably find purity within cause and in one’s first overall order of certitude especially, otherwise become unacceptably incapacitated illogicality over the inclusive service of of their potential value, and desert the succession of their better life. 
only of what is essential to one’s self presently of which is the relevant ability to acquire the refinement of pure resolution must be accustomed.
resolution is ubiquitously resourceful over the frame of one’s entire life. it is of an immeasurable serviceability to the entire purification of one’s existing.
resolution is beside a substantial degree the uppermost superlatively essential facet of one’s incarnate acquirements. nothing else is more powerful than this ability.
one must believe firmly within themselves, or believe firmly within their worth through the work of faith, either way, one must unreservedly believe, and attain the everlasting solidarity of it’s reward. 
essential securities such as resolution itself, or as the convenience of inarguable certification upon discerning, cannot be simply gifted unto another, for of what may instinctively appear to somebody as being accurately plain in obviousness, can in actuality be the exact functional opposite buried underneath the essential necessity for one’s tribulation to be undertaken, and thereafter productively be reimbursed by the empirical process of becoming only of one’s unequivocally ascertained persuasion. 
the most prerequisite of unquestionably deserving cause that one must become aware of in life, one must essentially find awareness of alone. 
some answers in life require experience beside them, for one to be of true resolution beside being able to use them.
one must realise the significance of what they see. 
one must acquire purity within eventually all that they are aware of, and then be permanency of purpose, and then also unmistakably be certain over every relevance that life contains, beside their order of importance and over their serviceability to one’s influence. but initially and before the flawlessness of one’s awareness is forged, one must become certain of the purity within one’s own being, and within the order of one’s most demanding purposefulness. 
without one knowing resolution, one simply could not condemn themselves to eternal punishment without a sense of invulnerable security sustaining to ascertain their will. and one cannot realise the height of their virtuous capability without being ceaselessly punished.
one cannot eventually acquire eternal peace without having unceasing punishment to earn it upon. 
if one is unprepared to sacrifice themselves for of what justifiably deserves their demise, then one’s enterprise of determining certainty end’s beside it. 
one of service is undeserving of life. one must be prepared to commit themselves upon all apprehended justification deserving of one’s time, and if such justification is destructive to one’s life, one must still be beside concrete assurance that they must be upon serving such endeavour. 
one must be broken and then again reestablished in essential preparation for all that lays ahead of their serviceable duty to mankind, to better the earth for the debt owed for being gifted with life, their serviceable duty to equal an indemnify for all deserving of being equalled, and their duty to serve unfavourably the determined certainty of justice.
self-destruction is essential upon the path of learning, and upon the path of deserving being of influential virtue. 
of what of this world deserves our time furthest?
answer this with definitive resolution. thereafter place one’s central residence beside it, acquiring an essential experience to then be of an effective service to it. 
here one becomes aware of the relevance of death. and upon here one will become of death, and of it’s every sensitivity. one will sustain their rationalisation of death until one has been enlightened by the exclusively sizeable purity of incisive brightness within it. thereafter one will become to find peace within their own dying, and furthermore find numerous reasons to be invariably thankful for being gifted with one’s own sentence of death. as difficult as it may seem to be whence thankful for one’s own dying, it is meritorious, highly reasonable, and essential within the purity of the ultimate realisation of what death is capable of, and should be by justice, advertised as.
death is of great influential capability. 
life upon being admirably designated is of a great explanation. 
purity itself is of immeasurable essential relevance. 
be upon dutifully securing indisputable resolution.
to refine purity, one must compete against all conflict that fights against one’s reasoning. and purity is underneath and clean of everything against it.
be upon conflict with everything. many times. 
purity is defined wholly by conflict.
seek conflict. conflict is the source of perfect practice. 
one must, under great weight be dismantled of their flaws.
of what cause furthermore deserves your thoughts?
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