Think Again about a Charity Single for the Victims of Grenfell Tower
dr jerry pepin

Bridge Over Troubled Swamp

Having just learned about the Artists For Grenfell song and watched the video, I hunted for what Medium had on this. Thanks for your article and for providing a more honest approach to what is going here. I would like to add some points for which I might be digitally beat up, but what the hell…

1 — If people want to give money in support, what does it say about modern culture if some apparently need this sort of motivation to do that?

2 — Is this not essentially just a lot of gushing sentimentality that will further promote the careers of the stars for no cost?

3 — I make no apology for that cynicism; if all these artists really were that concerned and moved, why are all of them crammed on to a cover of a 60s monster classic that was so obviously chosen as a sure fire hit in the sentimentality department? All they have actually contributed is a line or two of vocals.

4 — I have already seen personally the mechanics of this compulsory grief ritual, having been just castigated for not joining in what is an orgy of emotional blood-letting. So much for all the love and understanding supposedly engendered by this project!

5 — Every single day tens of thousands of people die of preventable diseases and food shortages because our fucked-up world is fucked up. In terms of THAT, the reality is that Grenfell is a very small affair. It was Bob Geldof’s Band Aid that started this oh-so-emotional-stars-gig-your-heart thing, but history shows it is just about the West virtue signaling itself until the songs become boring — all whilst the human suffering carries on unabated amidst the business-as-usual mentality that caused the problems in the first place.

6 — The song is a classic. But now it’s effectively been robbed of its innocence in a manner that ‘moves’ me very much in the wrong way. Anyone else feel like this is a pukeathon?

7 — Wouldn’t it at least have been a real statement if instead we had been offered a new song that actually protested the world that let Grenfell happen? Or do all these ‘artists’ and their agents not see a surefire return on minimal investment down that road?

8— I know there are people that would hate me for even daring to think these thoughts, because only love and understanding are allowed in their world — or so they like to think. We know how that goes: Shed some fucking big and genuine tears right now or there’ll be trouble…

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