Facts Are Dead — Long Live Commentary

Every day I view what I imagine is a broad spread of media content. That opening sentence was composed carefully because we all need to accept that veracity is a more optional element than ever in today’s media content.

We read a story on one channel, only to read the ‘same’ story on another channel reported with a completely different slant, or even in a manner that flatly denies the supposed facts we thought we had just learned. And there is no real distinction to be made in this area between mainstream media channels and citizen journalism. Opinion, spin, facts, propaganda and outright BS have rarely been so hard to distinguish from one another.

For example, what’s the situation with Julian Assange? A few months ago people began remarking on his apparent absence. Stories surfaced about the police guard being taken off the Ecuadorian embassy, and about US power being brought to bear. Strange tweets from Wikileaks combined with evidence that the entire Wikileaks operation had somehow been compromised. Had the CIA done the sort of thing the CIA does? Meanwhile new YouTube channels appeared around the Wikileaks theme, but seemed oddly disinterested in the growing questions about Assange’s fate. New Assange audio also surfaced, but its authenticity was immediately questioned. Then there was Fox’s Hannity interview, but by that time there was both evidence of computer tampering with other Assange footage, and online demonstrations of how well such apparently authentic content could be faked.

The bottom line is that for all the recent content uploaded to the web on this matter, it seems impossible to determine if one of the most influential people of recent years is even alive. No content can be relied on when media channels can make anything appear convincing in relation to audience gullibility.

The closely related Pizzagate story has of course been trashed by the mainstream media as fake news, despite the fact that the shocking nature of the evidence alone should make it newsworthy — even if there is no further story. Be clear; we’re talking about media outlets ignoring sadistic pedophile material posted to the social media pages of people close to the Clintons, at the same time as silly tweets from Trump seem to make global headlines. One could even wonder if Megyn Kelly’s sudden departure from Fox News resulted from a lump in her throat over the free pass she gave suspected pedophile James Alefantis immediately before she parted.

But the real story here is that both these stories are almost non-stories already — simply because the media has mostly gone into reverse thrust and, instead of reporting facts, is actively burying them, or just making stuff up. This truth alone should be yet another story, but outside of the blogosphere you are currently reading, where is any of this being covered? Nowhere.

Media outlets are never going to report on how badly they are doing their job, never mind point out that their job is in fact to be subservient to their paymasters’ demands. From all such angles, any truth-telling role the mainstream media ever had now appears dead and buried.

On the positive side, if mainstream media has openly proven itself to be as bad as many long suspected it to be, at least the truth is now out. With key stories now reduced to schoolyard he-said-she-said brawls between the different media channels and their respective audiences, the only valuable content left is arguably the people’s thoughts and commentary over why Western culture in general has sunk so low. But who knows — maybe people will at last start talking to one another instead of letting power talk us all down. We might even start thinking for ourselves.

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