I think you missed the point.
Ajinkya Goyal

Fine. You want to keep to your standards and that is to be admired.

But in general, companies use marketing departments — not ad hoc individuals who have an interest in being honest. The marketing department is tasked with convincing the world that the company is doing a good job. Blatant lies are not a problem. If they look like they might be, often the first move has nothing to do with having any conscience about telling such lies; it is to consult with experts and legal teams to see how best to avoid being caught out lying, and to assess the risk factors and likely consequences of being caught. I have direct experience of major companies breaking the law, as well as how the system serves to protect them against anyone who tries to blow the whistle on them.

BTW: as regards my rant on your other post, I was maybe a bit hard, but I feel strongly about that matter. No offense meant…

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