“What is ‘objective fact’ if not just something that there is a broad consensus over?”
Lynn Fredricks

Here are my comments about the video:

The guy states Science is the absolute best tool we have for understanding how the universe works.

He provides zero argument for that position. It is just stated as if it were something axiomatic. That was where his credibility began to fall apart.

Facts are just observations about the world around us, he states.

No they’re not. We observe with our senses. Facts are codifications based on complex cognition and abstract modeling of our observations. He just skates right over all of that.

Then he tries to confirm a hypothesis by walking outside to see that it is bright when the sun is shining — exclaiming boldly We did a science. He apparently does not even know how to use English in a normal manner. Actually, you have to suspect he knows how to speak, but he is so fired up on trying to sound vibrant and sure-of-himself that he is completely blind to the many philosophical issues that he does not even mention.

A theory is the way we know something works.

I think Einstein proved that one wrong as regards Newtonian physics, and there is reason to believe the same will happen to Einstein’s theories in due course.

He talks about predictions … about the way things are.

The present is not something we predict. This guy is not even listening to his own words.

He uses the word explain for theories. Theories do not properly explain anything. At best they are consistent with observations and thinking to date. If theories explained things they could never be disproven. But many have been disproven.

Evolution is a fact.

What an idiot! Evolution is a hypothesized process.

He is not even consistent with the lingo he chooses.

OMG. Then he talks about the theory of the fact of evolution. He can’t even use language correctly. Evolution is an ever-changing very large body of ideas, theories, propositions and more that is in fact very woolly in the sense that it is most definitely not a clearly defined fact.

So then he states the theory of gravity as incomplete. For all we know, it could be totally misguided.

Do we throw it out because it can’t explain everything? he asks. No, he states. His argument is something about the development of the scientific machine running just fine. Is it? Science is the engine room of modern technology, and technology is ruining the planet’s biosphere on which we as a species are 100% dependent. Is that just fine? I know this is not a popular viewpoint at this stage of our culture, but try to name me one source of human pollution and environmental destruction that does not result from technology.

The goal of science is to devise frameworks that describe how things work.

Okay. I would say it is perfectly scientific to look at planet Earth and say that manmade technology destroys organic lifeforms. This is a theory well worthy of consideration. There is one heck of a lot of evidence for that including many scientists who are predicting a sixth mas extinction event. But science is too silly and commercially corrupted to assert that we could avert the worst by scaling back on our technology. Why is it so stupid? Because science has never been just about trying to understand the world. Being a human pursuit, it has been about exploitation of the environment and of other people. But those who prosper by science cannot admit this to themselves. They have been trained to think that science is basically a harmless pursuit at worst. It is not. It is effectively about mankind acting like a god whilst forgetting that the complexities of our reality — especially of organic life — are simply beyond our limited understanding… and therefore we disrupt them at our own peril.

to truly understand why things are the way they are right now.

What intellectual arrogance! The universe is a mystery. Have the humility to be honest about that.

Then he puts out an advertisement for science on the basis that he predicts our future is going to be very bright. He should go talk to his fellow scientists that are predicting that mass extinction event.

Stay curious (?)

The guy never even got near it…

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