#6. Nobody’s listening
Josiah Ross

Hi Josiah,

Yeah — keep on doing it. I’m in the same place as you. I uploaded my masterpiece and later had a stat that said only two people had read it.

You have to do it for yourself — and damn the attention or inattention.

I do not know how this Medium thing works as regards notification of other people’s articles, but I have been notified of yours quite a few times. Another writer seems to be in every ‘Daily Digest’ I receive. I’ll make a point of reading your stuff… later! No — I will.

I have quickly arrived at a point where I don’t care if no one recognises anything I do. Good/bad is a subjective judgement anyway. And the entire web is so saturated that you could be doing something that would interest many, but no one would notice.

Make it count for you. Prepare to stay unknown. Anything else will be a bonus.

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