Big Data, Big Yield: How Space is Powering Precision Agriculture

70% more food in 30 years?

How is this demand figure worked out? Within the last year the World Food Program were stating on their web site that the food issue is about food distribution — NOT shortage. They have reworked their site so I cannot find that statement at a quick look, but things cannot have changed that much in less than a year. Meanwhile the UN states that our current 7+ billion is due to rise to between 9 and 10 in about 50 to 60 years time when they reckon it will stabilise. (I’ve no idea how they can predict that, but they are considered, for better or worse, the main authority on these things). So adding in that the affluent nations are extremely wasteful of food and that that could be tackled, where does this supposed demand for 70% increase in supply come from when the predictions for the next 30 years in terms of population increase are about 15–20%?

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