I have long maintained, that to allow oneself to be interrogated continually about one’s private…
Ron Collins

I agree. The least the buggers could do if they really wanted to further this ‘democracy’ idea would be to let us have some real input into what they do with the dosh.

The West’s materialist heights are over IMHO. I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing; you can only wear one set of clothes at a time and eat one meal at a time — and so much of the rest is just junk that no one really needs.

But a happy way forward depends on replacing yesterday’s ‘materialist insanity’ with a more mature and less rapacious culture, plus a bit of respect for our fellow humans. Unfortunately, the idiots-in-charge right now just keep everybody squabbling endlessly while the opportunity to take a balanced view on what is now required is ignored.

Government attracts the very people who are least morally fit to govern.

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