But why do they believe stuff?
David Jaap

I am not sure that there is any inbuilt human need to be led by another person. There seems to be an instinctive awareness that integrating with one’s community is beneficial, but that is something different. And who says the mind comes predisposed to being constrained? Where did that idea come from? People may be susceptible to being duped by others — I believe in general they are — but that is different from inferring they actually pursue their mental enslavement to a leader or some idea of a god.

We can work together within the illusion to accomplish whatever we desire.

Well, unless you mean in some sort of self-centered indifference to others — which you surely do not — I cannot see how that is going to work. People’s ideas and thoughts translate pretty directly into impacts on their behavior. If they have illusions in their heads, their behavior will conflict with reality. I agree that endlessly railing against stuff is pretty useless — maybe even counterproductive — but inasmuch as we are in a connected universe, it seems inevitable that nonsense cannot be given a free pass in terms of making sense of the human condition.

BTW: this was a nice turn of phrase:

I can’t imagine why an Omnipotent God would endorse triangulation as His preferred method of communicating to His creation.


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