I use it from a woman’s perspective, regaining it and reappropiating it.

I could wish more would do the same to defuse all the silly hysteria around mere word choice.

We have four letters that refer to a woman’s bits down under, but a word that is also used in many parts to indicate anything from a male stranger to a total villain. Big deal.

I suspect the word has crept into our slang as a reflection of the psychological hold that some women can hold over men. The female manipulator can screw the guy (metaphorically) in multiple ways, but just when the guy thinks he cannot take any more and is going to quit, she will dangle her cunt.

One great lie of omission in our culture is that, generally speaking, the ability of the male to resist female seduction is — other things being equal — a pathetic effort compared to the female’s ability to resist male seduction attempts.

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