At the last possible moment I realized that I had a bad case of mistaken identity.
Helena Sophia Exel

I deliberately avoided the otherwise compulsory disclaimer of Much as this is a terrible tragedy…

Obviously if you have been in the building it touches you far closer. I knew nothing of it until 36 hours afterwards when my dad started talking about it, because he knows the area well. But it has something of the death of Princess Diana thing in that it seems to highlight the emotional indulgence mass media generates.

Everyone dies. Life is death. Thousands every hour. But what is going on when people are reduced to spineless sentimental emotional cripples over the death of people they never even knew were alive? It is not even the death of a distant business acquaintance.

There is a serious matter at stake here as we all know: a world in which the victims were left vulnerable, and ultimately suffered horrific deaths through the indifference and lack of responsibility endemic in the current world order. This exploitation of that cultural sickness as a hit-making career-advancing opportunity immorally reduces the magic of music to yet one more market commodity.

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