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I really agree with what you have written here… just a couple of minor comments:

1 - You wrote of Hillary Clinton She is the first woman to make it this far in our political arena. I am not sure that that is anything to be proud of. The ascent of women in that arena is arguably just the female sex proving it is capable of being every bit as stupid as the male sex has already extensively proven to be.

2 — Not quite sure that the MGTOW brigade are only acting as they are because of the reasons you cite. I think there is also an awareness of a certain bias in the West’s culture and laws that, in some situations like divorce, attempts to compensate for what the feminists would call the patriarchy. But that goes in all directions, and you are right in that if we all start crying over not getting our fair shares, we only end up like a bunch of self-pitying social cripples.

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