isnt “Technology” just human problem solving?

isnt “Technology” just human problem solving?

I think many would more or less agree with you there. But what is a problem? Hunger is seen as a problem and so mankind developed agriculture to ‘solve the problem’. But agriculture has also created problems — as have so many other human technologies. So what often looks like merely solving problems actually creates new ones. Technology then becomes a matter of pros and cons; problems solved to be weighed against new ones created. Personally, this perspective seems very obviously valid, but it is generally hidden within modern culture, and I suspect that results from a certain value that those in power gain from aligning themselves with technology — superior weaponry being the historical backdrop to all that.

As you mention, controlling population growth is similarly absent from most cultural dialog. Surely that is just because most people want to have kids, and blocking that desire would be a vote-loser. How could it be ‘controlled’ without pretty drastic measures anyway? The Chinese one-kid rule just ended in female babies ‘disappearing’, and a skewed demographic.

I don’t see much of a way forward without ‘killing the self’ — growing an awareness of the simple fact that a finite planet so obviously cannot support endless demands, and so we ought to overcome our hitherto rapacious assault on it. And interestingly, the damage done by members of affluent societies is truly monstrous in comparison to that done by those still living in basic agrarian societies. So, although the capacity for population is obviously limited by planetary resources, the real bad egg in all this is the consumerist madness of the so-called ‘developed’ world.

The messages we are fed have most of these awkward truths filtered out — a major problem in itself. Lies are more profitable within a world where corporates are legally obliged to maximize profit.

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