I had nothing to do with it: you fooled yourself.
Al Black

If you really believe that the poles are ‘protected freezers’ then you are the winner in this fools race.

Any cheap fridge is fitted with a thermostat such that when the internal temperature begins to rise above its setting, the mechanism steps up a gear to keep the temperature down. It is precisely because no such mechanism exists at the poles that the real debate is now only about the rate of melting. No one seriously denies the average temperature, cold-to-freezing though it may be, is on the increase. Your second paragraph confirms this principle — even if the details are debatable. However, IPCC figures indicate the rise is accelerating. So ‘anyone who thinks it through logically’ will actually come to a different conclusion from yours.

As regards all this having nothing to do with Exxon, this is compartmentalized thinking. Obviously Exxon and their ilk have no sector dedicated to furthering climate change, but the evidence — which you still do not discuss — is that they have business sectors dedicated to denying matters. As the human race obviously functions according to what it believes, allowing climate change to continue without addressing the matter is indirectly furthered by any agency that denies the reality and thereby creates false beliefs.

Civilization will adapt to this as it always has: ask the Dutch.

Humans are resilient and will obviously battle any conditions. But the rise in sea level is far from the worst aspect of climate change. And everything has to be fitted into the bigger picture of a collapsing biosphere. For example, atmospheric carbon is higher than at any point in human history and still rising fast. Sea acidification is on the increase too. The rate of species extinction appears to be about 50–100 times the natural background rate before human industrialization. This is at a time when culture has replaced the term ‘food chain’ with ‘food web’ in recognition that all life is related. Think about it: nothing that provides nutrition is not a life form. And yet human actions are killing life forms far faster than anything since the last mass extinction event. ‘The Dutch’ never had to deal with any of that.

Put a fish into a bucket of hot water with no food and it will struggle to live until it dies of either hunger or heat exhaustion. Mistaking the will to live for some guarantee that we can adapt to conditions radically different from those in which we evolved is throwing us fish into that bucket.

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