Wow. Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black!
Al Black

There is no video on your post, but I assume it was a “guilt by association” piece blaming all opposition to your views as being in the pay of Exxon Mobil.

In a word, no. There most definitely IS a video. Your selective brain maybe refused to watch it. It is still there, should you care to actually engage in the ‘debate’. Here:

My information did not come from Exxon Mobil; it came from Freeman Dyson …

Here is a screen grab directly off your post: (Note: Oregan Institute of Science and Medicine)

Now check here to join the dots:

As I am well aware that these things often reduce to a war of words, I am not taking the position that any side in this debate has the entire truth. However, it is my opinion that money corrupts truth-telling and I tend to believe those who are not making money from what they are saying as opposed to those who are. Thus, I am far more suspicious of Exxon, BP and the like than of small poorly-funded organizations that simply work to find out the duplicitous dealings of these corporates.

Do you really believe your ‘physics’? Are you that stupid? You mentioned ‘Eureka’. Check the Wikipedia page for that. Quote: he … stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose. The water was ‘displaced’ from lower to higher. I think most kids younger than ten can get this idea.

I see you completely ignore my mention of change. Any BTW, the Earth’s poles are not in a freezer. Are you aware of that? I wonder.

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