Transgender People and “Biological Sex” Myths
Julia Serano

In some respects, a good article. Most people see the Earth and the Moon as separate bodies, but a little reflection illustrates that this is an illusion of thought. Male and female are arguably analogous; the break is ultimately muddy, but generally pretty stark.

“The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.”

This is true, but more from a technical perspective than from a practical point, as regards the vast majority of the population. The Earth and Moon are separate entities from most perspectives despite their intersecting fields of gravity creating a relationship in which neither is properly separate from the other. The apparent separation is arguably far greater than the space that ‘joins’ them — space which, as far as conventional physics understand such matters, is pretty empty bar an invisible field of gravity.

I only point out this imbalance in favor of separation because the heavy feminist slant on the article, amidst the modern obsession with all these nuances of gender, probably works against minority genders by demanding what others consider undue attention. People can say everday attitudes of binary sex and gender thinking are morally or technically wrong, but I would answer that it is nonetheless factually correct that gender minorities are — possible unwittingly — stirring up animosity via all the attention they seek for the small minority they are. If that is your choice, so be it, but I don’t think you will find a lot of support if you then go blaming others.

Feminism is a movement to end sexism

Wars make peace. Listen and believe? This is just regurgitated doctrine to anyone that sees the real impact of that ideology.

But in my experience, when people go out of their way to use the clunky phrasing “biological male/female,” they are almost always attempting to contend that 1) biology trumps trans people’s gender identities and lived experiences, and 2) dismiss the reality of gender and sexual diversity, and the fact that there are exceptions to every sex and gender category. If this is your intention, then you should know that I am not “denying” or “erasing” sex differences. I am simply pointing out that you are uninformed about these matters and/or an outright bigot.

So this is mind reading you have? Someone says something and you know what is behind their words? You wrote an article which largely accepts the very significant role of biology, but seek to close it by saying that others who do likewise because of intentions you are effectively projecting on to them as ‘your experience’ are uninformed or outright bigots. This is playing the victim card. My experience of most people who stress the biological element is that they are simply stressing its indisputably huge role; without it, just about none of nature would exist as we know it. I don’t think stating that, classifies someone as uninformed or an outright bigot. I have actually never heard anyone being anti-trans other than as I say, complaining about all the PC attention such minorities demand.

If you want to be accepted by others, I can only suggest you learn to accept others instead of attacking those of different ideas. On which note, let me add that I am attacking your ideas as something discrete from you as a person. I am sure you have your battles to fight. Better to win them than to seek glory by making them interminable through the creation of more enemies.

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