I think you have a very different understanding than I of what equality means when it comes to…

In the West, there are no laws that favor men above women, although there are some that favor women above men, and I think it is fair to say that there is considerable bias towards women in marriage break-ups. So I am not sure what you think might be missing as regards ‘equal opportunity and treatment’, unless you are advocating for a properly flat playing field in which some legal preferences for women are removed.

If you are referring to bias in people’s minds, I think that stuff is all subjective judgment. There are of course loads of feminists and fewer MRAs arguing about these issues endlessly. And there is no end of stats and different areas of society where things are far from even. Coming back to our previous points that there are real differences between the sexes, but that such differences are extremely difficult to clarify, I can only repeat that it seems foolhardy to somehow ‘impose’ equality. Surely it is best to let the thing find its own level?

If you have the time, here is a good video on how all this stuff gets distorted. Let me point out that I do not count myself in the MRA camp any more than I do in the feminist camp.

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