I’m not sure what you mean by the term “end-state” but I would argue that history has this nagging…
Ron Collins

And oddly enough, history went right on past that moment.

It did. But do you not wonder if we are living through a period in which 70-odd years of averting nuclear armageddon has left us with a false sense of security?

As I mentioned to Svetlana on a different thread, the consensus of scientific opinion seems to be that a fight-to-win nuclear confrontation would actually render the entire planet uninhabitable for homo sapiens long before the nuclear arsenals were exhausted; the sheer amount of shit that would end up in the atmosphere would usher in a nuclear winter that would devastate life as we know it.

And there is a new level of scary about today with nutcases like Steve Bannon on the field. He has said that war with China is inevitable within the next 10 years, at the same time as Trump keeps asking why the US shouldn’t use its nuclear fire power. Unlike with the Cuban missile crisis, we have a bunch of hot heads who seem to imagine they can create hell, and then slink off to New Zealand or a bunker in Antartica while the rest of us die off to leave them in peace.

You have to suspect that the planet would continue to spin on its axis and orbit the Sun, and that some forms of life would survive and adapt, but I personally don’t fancy your chances or mine… or even Steve Bannon’s. I guess every nuclear winter cloud has its silver lining.

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