On not letting the terrorists win
Kendra Clarke

It is typical of how information is channelled in our culture that the important realities you have pointed out as regards the very low levels of real terrorism are found in this obscure corner of the internet.

In addition to the media role which you highlight, the role of those in power has to be mentioned. It has long been recognised that keeping people frightened makes them easier to control and less rational when assessing the reality around them. What more could those in power ask for?

Hence, we see across the world how national leaders positively bask in every opportunity to stand with sombre expressions amidst parades of nationalism, before explaining to us that depriving us of yet more freedom is in our best interests. But creating a culture in which everyone is basically a terrorist until they can prove otherwise, is itself a form of terrorism… even if we cannot call it that because the concept of state terrorism just might make people begin to see the truth of which you write.

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