I understood that you were not making a case about what the law should be.
Svetlana Voreskova

Just to butt in with you and One Tongue Johnny, — for me the question on abortion boils down to this:

Why should anyone be able to prevent a woman terminating a pregnancy if that is her choice? Any answer seems bound to be as illogical as me making an argument that you should not be allowed to eat ice cream — with the exception that, as regards abortion, the religious from the Every Sperm Is Sacred Church obviously get involved with their screams of ‘murder’.

But following on from that there is the big issue of who pays. So although I am not in favor of anti-abortion laws, I am wary of the consequences of state-funded abortions — that is, free on demand. Unwanted pregnancies seem to be an undesirable result of that situation. And terminations are not without any detrimental effects to women.

But then the next challenge in an economic world is the moral quicksand of the wealthy being able to pay for abortions when the poor are saddled with unwanted kids — surely a societal disaster in the making.

So the whole thing, like so many others, can be boiled down to money.

If there is a fix, I think it is about being more honest about the nature of the world we live in — perhaps having the courage to educate kids more honestly about its uglier sides.

Maybe education needs standing on its head. Instead of encouraging kids to ‘get on’ and ‘failing’ them if they don’t, perhaps education should teach them that the world — such as it is today at least — is one in which wealth and power tend to shit on people, and gravity attracts that shit downwards. Look around you — this is the truth.

Maybe kids would then look out better for themselves, and conventional ‘success’ would be lauded a little less.

I know I started out talking about abortion, but all these things are related. The only real solution to the abortion issue is surely to avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place, and that means having kids that understand better the real-world and the implications of their actions within that world.

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