There is no daylight between establishment democrats and republicans today.
Larry Kelly

Larry — just as a European outsider…

I can see why you think the US road leads to socialism, but I am not convinced. My guess is something new is on its way compared to anything the US has seen in its past. The black market might begin to grow as people come to trust the government less and less. Why pay taxes when there is little or nothing in return?

There was a hint of this sort of gentle anarchy with Sanctuary Towns where people began to look local rather than just go along with central government’s ideas. This has been seen in the past elsewhere: when a regime is too remote and too out-of-touch with the people, the people begin to work behind its back. Ironically, that can allow true free enterprise to flourish — not Wall Street crony capitalism.

On the optimistic side, this could be about the people claiming back the land for themselves. On the pessimistic side, it could be about central government moving towards more of a police state as people stop obeying laws that do nothing for them. Right now, I think it is on a bit of a knife edge, but I do not think the police state will actually get too bad, given that the elites seem unable to sort themselves out. If it seems like chaos, that’s at least an opportunity for change. Teach your kids to stay open-minded…

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