A brilliant observation, albeit one which illustrates well how frustrating it is to be compelled to…
Ron Collins

Maybe like me you’ve been asked why you keep on about feminism. I find it fascinating inasmuch as it is a sort of thermometer of culture. Only a minority identify as feminists, but the ideas permeate all areas of society in watered-down forms. It helped me understand why I thought certain things — I had just heard them so often without ever really examining them.

The real secret to decoding the feminist mindset, is that it is authored by women who clearly hate being women.

I agree, but it maybe goes deeper. Why would anyone hate the sex they are — other than those with gender issues? Sometimes the grand irony of it all appears to be that men in their eagerness to curry favor with women have pandered so fully to women’s demands that they have even babied them whenever they complained about anything.

Far from being a patriarchy that suppresses women, it is ultimately biological difference that results in (some) men enabling women’s self-pity. There is no kindness in helping anyone indulge themselves. And of course the whole charade is only really viable in affluent populations where we are in fact all spoiled to hell and back.

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