Reading your response, it is very clear that you are a thoughtful guy.
Eli Levinson

Most people reflexively come from a position of advocacy. They have the idea that things ‘should’ be like this or that. Effectively, they are trying to tell others how they should behave. But an expressed set of ideas is nothing more than an expressed set of ideas for others to debate or criticize as they see fit. For me, it is certainly not a matter of telling others how they ‘should’ behave… unless of course the other person happens to hear it that way, as I think you have done.

I’ll guess that is why you have reacted as you have done and arguably said some rather nasty things about someone you really know nothing about at all… all the while pleading that micro-aggressions are a real problem. What will you do now? Decide that I am probably a heartless and insensitive so-and-so, and that your micro-aggressions do not matter because you can be sure I am someone without empathy and therefore devoid of feelings — impossible to hurt etc?