Detroit has one of the worse reputations nationwide.
Kady M.

If I agreed with your [Trump] characterization, I wouldn’t [support him]. But I don’t. Plus, it’s early. Stay tuned.

Nah… it’s not early. He has already shown his colors. For example, he spoke about the cost of the military and foreign wars, but he’s just signed a devil’s pact with the Saudis for a mountain of weaponry.

If I said I was going to be polite in this reply, but then started cursing at you, would you say ‘it was early’? He’s been around a few months and simply proved to many of us that it was all as we always suspected — a lot of BS to fool the gullible. At some point you’ve got to swallow on that — before it chokes you.

But I’ll also add that he just hit several home runs in his first foreign policy trip, and the last few weeks before that indicates that he’s coming up to speed relatively quickly on the new job.

The only way he is coming up to speed as far as I can see is realizing he is effectively a slave to darker forces. I don’t think this can end any better than a lion trapped down a very deep pit of angry snakes.

I’m not sure who that politician you posted is. I recognize the face, but can’t quite place him — being from Europe.

No matter — I found some other hornless angels.

Anyway. Why do people have such a downer on the world?


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