You can claim the same about any other statistic.
Shachar Haad

You assume the police lie because they are the police.

No I don’t. The point was that crime which the police record along with the crime’s perpetrator is not the same thing as all crime which is committed — including that which is not recorded. In order to record crime and a perpetrator:

  • The police need to be made aware the crime took place.
  • They need to find a suspect.
  • They need to build a case.
  • They need a conviction.

If they cannot go through all these stages then there is no identified criminal for statistical purposes. We have to imagine that in many cases criminal acts do not even get to stage 1 of this process, given that criminals generally don’t expect to get caught.

As regards the wealth discrepancy, I am only inferring that money provides more means to commit crimes and not be convicted — everything from hiring a hit-man to hiring a smart court-room lawyer. Additionally, it seems pretty evident that those in elite positions often just do not get charged — probably because they wield power and can intimidate the police. As regards your comment about running, rich guys can often avoid having to physically run from the police altogether.

OP: … whites commit far more crime than Asians but fat less than blacks.
My reply:
Does sound kinda racist the way you frame it… even if it is based on stats. The correlation could be explained by many other means.
The truth is not racist. It cannot be. Statistics cannot be racist…

Of course they can’t. I was not talking about statistics — I was talking about the framing of them. If someone says Jews are wealthy, that may be generally true (I don’t know), but it ‘kinda sounds’ like that person thinks it is their Judaism that makes them wealthy. If not, why are they mentioning it?

The irony in the original poster’s words was that they were arguing that they were not a racist whilst posting that text. If they are not a racist, they actually need to look for some other means of explaining those correlations. Otherwise their statement is detailing that criminality is directly linked to race. I cannot see how you too are not saying that if you do not accept my argument that the correlation is to be otherwise explained.

You mean anything that justifies whatever a black man does as the fault of the white man?

Why do you ask that? I did not say that and do not mean that. I just mean ‘anything’.

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