First of all, I would like to thank you.
Erynn Brook

Okay… I suppose what I am getting at is the idea that safe spaces are not just places where people of common interests congregate: they often seem to exist for little reason other than to run away from the big bad world. They are very understandable reactions to what is indeed a big bad world, but are they helpful in the bigger picture? They seem to create more fear which allows others to exploit people even more.

I understand (I think) your concerns to work in an inclusive framework, but having just read a long Medium post on the racial situation in the USA, I feel even more inclined to think that the only resolution to all these divisions is to simply forget them. Otherwise we have a sort of silly conversation that goes something like this:

Hey — look at this different group here — we shouldn’t be thinking of them as different.

You obviously cannot just run into the street and yell to the whole world to forget all this shit and watch it all disappear, but that has more to do with our limited power as single individuals to bring about major social change. You are responsible for yourself and not really for the actions of others. If you can make others change, it is surely by example — not by lecturing them on some system for rebalancing society that only ends up emphasising difference once again.

Here’s my suggestion: “Learn To Code: EVERYONE Is Welcome!”

As regards your last paragraph, I did not mean to come across as personal as I perhaps did. I meant to talk more in terms of the growing fear in society that I see as a by-product of all the drama that the media serves up. I reckon we all know lots more people who have died of drink, drugs, disease, car accidents, suicide and other such personal misfortunes than those who have been murdered over their beliefs. Maybe we ought to chill a little on the whole subject…

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