John, I take the thank you I gave you earlier back!
Maria Gilbert (Nirvana)

Probably the most furious I have ever been in my entire life was actually over the phone while driving — not a good mix. I missed the exit for the airport, had to do 28 additional miles to drive back, missed the last flight of the day, had to book a hotel for the night, and then pay the air fare again. It actually taught me to take a good hard look at what matters in life. Fortunately, no one was killed in the learning of that particular lesson, but the heart-attack level of stress I ‘achieved’ probably knocked months off my life — all in about half an hour. The reason for such incandescent rage? It was to do with the installation of a photocopier… Duh!

Now, my thing is that it’s much better to try and “fail” than to never try or to stop trying.

Without a sense of purpose we are not properly alive. And if the sense of purpose is ‘other’ — money, fame or such — we are being dishonest with ourselves and will never create anything of integrity.

Keep your eye on the road — both metaphorically and literally.

Nice to chat…

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