Again, you’re spewing nonsense.
Will Staton

No one created identity politics.

Really? Obviously no single person orchestrated things in general but ALL politics are human affairs populated and promoted by humans.

Identity politics are the natural consequence of inequality.

Inequality, or difference exploited by politicians?

A notable aspect of identity politics is the absence of any real discourse on the realities of global inequality, such as the fact the West’s wealth is mostly at the expense of various nations that are exploited through geopolitics, military muscle and financial coercion.

The narrative is much more concerned with relatively trivial domestic matters such as that women on average earn less than men — not that the West’s corporates ruthlessly exploit the world’s poorest through wage slavery. (The wage gap is not a form of enforced inequality in any case as different pay for the same work is generally outlawed in the West).

If identity politics was not just a smokescreen and was seriously concerned by inequality, it should address those big issues. But then, all its self-righteous adherents would need to start questioning their nation, their governments and their whole way of life.

It’s much easier to just guilt-trip yourself over petty forms of supposed privilege — and the government is quite happy for you to do that, as no one asks the awkward questions such as why the USA has almost 1,000 overseas ‘defense’ bases.

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