Emma Watson is damned if she does
Carly Cassella

Society places so many extraneous expectations upon feminists that many women buckle under the pressure of it.

So now ‘society’ is getting the blame for the supposed hardships of being a feminist. Dare I write another word, or am I part of this persecution process?

Those pressures are not put on feminists by ‘society’ any more than they are put upon any other political or religious group. Some people will support your ideas, some will not, and others will oppose them. It’s an opinionated world.

But if women are buckling under the pressure, my suggestion would be to throw in the towel. I mean — what’s the point? The ideology is either making these women weak and/or a lot of people oppose the ideology.

If the fault is not with the ideology itself then ‘society’ in general nonetheless opposes the ideology. You either have a lousy ideology or a ‘society’ that does not want to know.

I’m not an anti-feminist — just using some basic logic.

… and BTW: Emma Watson is just proving the mantra no publicity is bad publicity. You just helped her promote herself at the expense of values that feminism turns on and off as suits its totally liquid narrative.

No matter what a feminist does, there is always an excuse. Whereas the very same acts by non-feminists are always proof of societal oppression.

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