What’s happening in Europe, and the rest of the western nations, with respect to the Muslims ISN’T…
Sandra Lee Smith

What’s happening in Europe … with respect to the Muslims ISN’T “refugees” fleeing a war zone …

So what would you do after NATO attacks on your land for so long that it is reduced to a bunch of rogue organizations killing in a very indiscriminate manner? Pray?

True, their predicament is not the whole story. But to conflate how anyone raises their family, or uses a state’s welfare system, or interprets the doctrines of their holy texts, or how some in power plan the future — to conflate any of that with men, women and children drowning in the Med as they flee for their life — and also the causes of that situaion — will only feed the sort of hatred that will make the problems you discuss worse. You seem locked into the us-and-them mindset. But it is certainly not a case of ‘them’ bombing the ‘US’.

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