You are wonderful.
David Jaap

That’s an interesting post.

Each one of us, should embrace our responsibilities to each other.

I think your wording is misleading here. What is required is, I suggest, embracing our collective responsability to ourselves — and that’s different. As long as we remain divided — talking in terms of, for eample, elites and ordinary people — the resultant alienation causing these problems will persist.

Holly Wood does some nice plain speaking, but it is still in an us-and-them paradigm that alienates the very people highlighted as being the problem. Absolutely no one responds well to being ostracized — least of all those who can afford relative independence.

Human nature itself, is the problem in need of solving.

Again, I have to say this is not wording I would choose. Many minds see human nature as an intractable problem that, as such, has us all doomed. Isn’t it better to state that human intelligence needs to grow up? The system that traps minds has to be smashed — not physically, but intellectually. And that involves converting many minds deeply involved in sustaining it.

We are not the problem. The conviction that we cannot change is.

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