Try having Ms Clown for your own attorney sometime.
Ron Collins

The backdrop is assumed to be an utterly uncooperative ex other-half — more interested in their idea of revenge than the kid learning that adults can behave maturely (?)

After a not-so-small fortune spent funding the fancy lifestyles of lawyers, I eventually found out that, due to child A’s age, A was entitled to personal state-funded legal representation. Wow! This seemed like a breakthrough — the result being a specialist family lawyer’s documented and legally-established evidence that A did indeed want to retain in-person contact with A’s father. To be clear, I was obviously not allowed to be any part of the establishment of that evidence. But the whole exercise was just another money-spinner for the lawyers in any case. The last time I met with A was less than a year after that document was produced. Even a visit that was organized with a close friend of As and close-friend’s parent, and agreed by all concerned, was nonetheless sabotaged. It is now more than 10 years since I saw A. Stopping the support money was the last lever I had, but that only ended up in the government threatening to freeze my wages at source. In an exemplary show of exactly how all this so-called ‘justice’ operates, the flouting of the law by one party cannot be redressed by the other party flouting the law — however, the government will sanction the transgression of one, but not of the other.

For btg dad, please do not make the mistake of thinking legal victories are just terribly expensive sheets of paper; they are also potential heart-breakers. Good luck nonetheless. You will need it.

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