It isn’t. That is why men generally don’t talk about dicks and sex in mixed company.
Svetlana Voreskova

“You painted men as innocent victims of PC culture, which is what I was responding to. They’re not innocent and they can choose to modify their behaviour.”

This quote from Liz Smith gets to the heart of the matter.

Yes, of course people can choose to modify their behaviour. And men generally do in the company of women just as women do in the company of men. Maybe it is not a good thing that so many of us change according to the surrounding company, but I am no more aware of men doing this than women doing the same thing in their own way, if you get my drift.

So I am going to say that although men should not see themselves as ‘victims’, they are certainly targets of PC culture, and the proof is right there in Liz’s stated inference that men should change their behaviour because they are ‘not innocent’. A simple question to Liz: why should men have to modify their behaviour in these situations to avoid being painted as guilty (not innocent) any more than women should modify their behaviour?

Your (Liz’s) post seems to reflect an opinion that your views as a feminist woman are somehow a social standard that has some consensus behind it. It in fact does have a major consensus thanks to the PC police, but that is the very point here: we effectively have a culture that looks at the difference between how males behave amongst themselves, and how females behave amongst themselves, and then says that clashes resulting from these differences in male/female environments are faults with male behaviour. That is the raw sexism so typical of feminism.

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