It is. My current problem is that, some subjects?

TJ — you have a charmingly charitable way of talking about argumentative sods. But you do realize you are only encouraging me to become even worse?

My current problem is that, some subjects? I just can’t debate. Because I just can’t separate my own experience from the objective conversation.

That relates to something I might have learned here on Medium. Some people — am I allowed to generalize more women than men — seem too emotionally engaged with some stuff to want to talk about it.

If I am posting less these days it’s because I have stood back from ranting at people that obviously don’t want ranting at. Duh! And I don’t see that as a fault at all with such people. After all, what does the objective conversation matter when we are in fact all unique people with unique lives? If you can’t engage with a person such as they are, then you (one) has effectively excluded them from that conversation — and you (one) might as well be talking to yourself… You see, that’s why I have more views than anyone else on Medium.

Today’s philosophy lesson over… now I’ll go back to my corner.

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