Yes, we have this backwards
Mike Meyer

Two comments on reading your post.

Firstly, this lots of everything for everyone is, in my opinion, untenable. We are already destroying the planet through excess and unnecessary manufacturing of junk that seems destined for nothing more than entertaining bored adults. The consumer society is built on this dream of everything everyone wants for everybody, but the reality is that it is destroying the environment by producing crap that people do not need for anything other than to alleviate the monotony of working in the sort of robotic jobs that it demands. And the idea that it is all going to be automated threatens to make things even worse; not only will people be even more bored because life will offer no challenges at all, but the environmental damage will increase due to the manufacture and disposal of the robots that produce all the junk. It is bad news that there is almost no cultural discourse linking this mad new world of AI to these likely results. On top of ruining the environment, the quest for happiness you mention will, in my opinion, completely fail down that road — worse than ever. The psychological problem for many right now is the lack of adventure and the sense of self-determination that gives life meaning. A society in which ‘the system’ — economic and industrial — provides for everyone’s needs sounds like hell to me. It is effectively confining everyone to the mere existence lifestyle of an old folks home from birth onwards. So I am miles away from agreeing with you, but maybe these ideas are worth some reflection at least…

Secondly, and on a more positive note, your article really struck me as a flag that minds are at least asking the big questions. Perhaps that is a sign of the troubled culture we are living through. My mind was fresh as I had just washed and sat at the computer first thing in the day — yours being the first article I read. But it seems we at least have some people that are thinking big and abandoning the old assumptions. At last. I might not agree with what you say, but more and more brains — at least here on Medium — seem to be revving up their engines.

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