This is only “obvious” from a Western Judeo-Christian view point, which is where that option…
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No society that demeans and subjugates part of their own can expect to continue for long before they self-destruct.

We are watching this happen right now. Only a fool would argue. But the main vectors are property, money, law and mind control through the media. Sex is a means of exploitation too, but the idea that the exploitation is structured as men (or ‘the patriarchy’) against women is only allowed to flourish because it help keeps populations more thoroughly divided. In a world where spirituality is all but dead, all people are objectified regardless of sex.

Sex is ‘obviously’ a true division — not a construct of any society. The ancient Egyptians would have agreed and, even if I am a huge sceptic of modern science, the evidence is that the vast majority of cells in the human body are coded for sex. ‘Equal’ means the same, and so the two sexes are not equal. If you are suggesting that they should be treated as equal then that will never happen either as we are all individuals leading individual lives that create unique impressions on others. Equality is just an ideal — a myth. This is absolute basic stuff, but it is opposed because people ‘hear’ it as an argument that laws should treat the two sexes (races, ethnicities etc.) differently. But as legal systems themselves are inherently unfair, we should never support any legal discrimination on the grounds of anything like sex. I know this is a tiny minority view, but to me it is the only view of a society in which people respect one another and live in a relatively free state, without believing all this ‘equality’ nonsense. Laws will never fix our problems; they have already ‘equalized’ the laws on sex, but the real problems are, in my opinion, still getting more serious.

Equality is like democracy, human rights, civil liberties and so forth — concepts promoted by the very people who are instrumental in constraining human freedom, whilst brainwashing minds with ideas that these illogical ends are achievable, if only we submit a little more to their control. It’s all like Santa Claus for grown ups. BS from skilled liars in shiny suits and ties.

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